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Hi! I'm Daniel Builescu.

I'm so glad to have you here! For the past 7 years, I have ventured into the world of programming, even having the privilege of working at giants like Google. Besides my experience with tech giants, I've had the chance to manage huge projects for world-renowned clients. Although I personally handle many projects, for the bigger challenges, I have the support of a fantastic team at Dynamics, the company I founded 2 years ago. Together, we are committed to delivering best-in-class solutions and premium quality. Our credentials? Not just shiny medals, but a testament to our domain expertise. So let's make digital magic together!

By the way, did you check my blog on Medium Medium Logo @danielbuilescu ? With 15,000+ Followers, I share insights and experiences about Django, Python,Shopify, JS and more.

My Certifications

Dedication and experience reinforced by official recognition. If only there was an award for most certifications, I would probably win that one too 🤣!

Web Developer Certification

University of Michigan, 2019

Shopify Certification

Shopify Partner Academy, 2022

Python Certification

Harvard University (edX), 2019

iOS Development Certification

Apple, 2021

MSc Data Science & Finance

Bucharest, 2018

+ many others

Premium Services for Your Digital Needs

I offer a wide range of services, customized to suit your requirements perfectly.

Web Development

I breathe life into innovative web applications using the latest technologies. From initial planning to final touches, I'm dedicated to creating web applications that not only work perfectly but also resonate with your audience.

Shopify Development

Dreaming of a great online store on Shopify? I create custom themes, build online stores from scratch, and develop private or public apps. Let's turn your dream into reality together.

Mobile Development

Every mobile app tells a story. I'm here to tell your story. With cutting-edge tools and a dash of creativity, I develop mobile apps that are more than just code—they're experiences. Let's bring your mobile vision into the palms of many.

Automation Development

Time is gold. I specialize in automating boring and repetitive tasks, giving you more time for growth. Whether it's sales, marketing, or any other type of project, I have the magic automation to optimize every corner of your business.

Some of My Projects

Explore a selection of the projects I have done for my clients:

Recommendations and Testimonials

Find out why my clients appreciate working with me and what they say about my services:

We are incredibly grateful for the advertorial content management platform Daniel developed. It streamlines our workflow, allowing clients to purchase and edit advertorials easily, while enabling administrators to manage orders and pricing efficiently. Daniel also created a comprehensive HR management app for Today's Romania, which integrates seamlessly with Google Sheets and Slack, enhancing productivity and team collaboration. His support and expertise have been invaluable.

- Marius, Today's Romania

Working with Daniel on our 3D app for Mobarta.ro was a game-changer! The tool is user-friendly and so innovative. It lets our customers design their dream library spaces with ease. Daniel is always there when we need help, and we also thank him for the incredible internal software application he created. Big thanks for this fantastic contribution. Highly recommended!

- Ionut, Mobarta

Daniel's improvements to our Shopify site have been transformative. The new features and seamless functionality have taken our online store to the next level. He's always there for support, ensuring everything runs smoothly. I love the NextShoes site, but the return management app he developed is truly next-level, something we couldn't find anywhere in the Shopify App Store. NextShoes is truly grateful. Top-notch work!

- Vlad, NextShoes

Daniel has been amazing to work with. He’s created a custom product for us and a guide for future use. He was quick to reply and helped come up with new solutions to issues I was having with my Shopify store. I will definitely come back to Daniel for assistance with future projects and recommend him to others. Highly recommend his services. Thanks !!!

- Cooper (Etsy), HatAttack

Daniel from Dynamics was truly amazing to work with. I reached out to Daniel to create a custom package for me as I needed help completing my website on Shopify and could not have finished it without his help. I would highly recommend working with Daniel on your next Shopify project!

- Marie (Etsy), Maison Miral

Daniel's development of the ProcuChain Shopify app has been a pivotal asset to our platform. Its intuitive nature and flawless integration underscore his prowess. The whole team and I are deeply impressed and appreciative. Daniel truly delivers excellence!

- Alex Danciulescu, ProcuChain

Daniel is has been an amazing help in just a few hours. He is very patient and very knowledgeable. Highly recommended. 10/10 service!!! I hope to use his service again in the near future.

- Maggie (Etsy), JadoreBooks

The most helpful person on Etsy! Daniel is brilliant, and the only developer with a solution to my problem. Can’t recommend enough! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- nicole (Etsy), thenikkithrift

Let's build something great together!

Do you have a bold vision? An idea that keeps you up at night? I'm here to make it a reality. Contact me and let's create a project that will impress the world.

Email: developer@danielbuilescu.com

LinkedIn: @builescu-daniel